A snapshot of Power Data v2.
A snapshot of Power Data v2.
Whether you're trying to maximise your time, turn your data into dollars or forecast in a volatile economy - CAMMS has your back.
Introducing CAMMS Power Data v2. A better way to manage, organise, filter and analyse information from your multiple data sources.
  PowerData is a fully flexible, self-service and user friendly Business Intelligence solution that helps organisations make smarter decisions.
What’s new with Power Data?
PD v2 enhances your CAMMS product experience with a visualisation layer that brings your data to life.
Perform analytics and create intuitive dashboards against ANY data source, or even multiple data sources*.
Analyse your data the way you like it with multiple visualisation controls: Charts, Graphs, Grids and Gauges.
Analyse scenarios and assess possible outcomes with the all new 'What if Analysis'.
Customisable dashboards so you see only what's important to you - Your data, Your way.
Access your reports and dashboards via your PC, Tablet Device or Mobile.
New interactive and user friendly interface that you will want to use day after day.
Our BI consultants are also equipped and ready to assist you to use and deliver reports that are visually impressive and easy to understand. Talk to us about your needs to bring disparate data sources into a single view with Power Data warehouse solutions.
You need to answer critical business questions and make informed decisions. We can equip you with real time Business Intelligence.
Contact us to set up a consultation demo.
* OLAP databases
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